Local bus services ‘at risk’

In a bid to save £30 million pounds per year, Worcestershire County Council is actively considering ending the subsidies that support the provision of many local bus services. Among the services at risk are all the buses (145, 182 and 183) serving the residents of Barnt Green. Make your voice heard before 17 January.

The County Council estimates that it pays a subsidy of £1.66 for each of the near 41,000 passengers using the 145 service each year. The equivalent subsidy for users of the 182 and 183 service is estimated to be £1.06.

As part of its Transport Review, the County Council have launched an online consultation on the withdrawal of these subsidised bus services.  The consultation period closes on Friday 17 January.

Although the Parish Council is responding to the consultation it is important that as many local residents as possible make their voices heard. It is unthinkable that local residents who depend on these services should see them withdrawn.