Hewell Road bus shelter

Details of the eight members of the Parish Council, along with contact details, their Register of Interests and responsibilities, can be seen under the ‘Councillors’ tab.

Parish council members are elected to office every four years. The next election is scheduled to take place in May 2023.  There is currently full membership of councillors.

Meetings of the Parish Council are usually held in the parish council office in Hewell Road, Barnt Green. Meetings will be held on the 3rd Monday of each month except for August and December.  All meetings start at 7pm.  The schedule of future meetings and the agendas and minutes can be seen under the ‘Parish Council meetings’ tab.

In addition a paper copy of the parish council meeting agenda will be posted on the notice board located next to the bus shelter, outside Millennium Park in Hewell Road, during the week before the meeting.

The Parish Council has three committees, the Environment Committee, the Finance & General Purposes Committee and the Planning Committee which meets to consider any planning applications notified outside the usual meeting schedule.  Scheduled committee meetings are listed on the calendar page and will be held in the parish council office. Notice of these meetings will also be posted on the notice board by Millennium Park and on the website.

On planning issues, Barnt Green Parish Council is notified of, and invited to comment on, all planning applications within the parish boundary and sometimes those outside the immediate boundary that might affect the local community.  The Parish Council’s comments, either in full or in summary, are included in the minutes of either the full council or the committee meetings and can also be found on the application’s ‘comments’ page via this link which will take you to the Local Planning Authority’s pages: planning applications .  You can search for a specific application if you know the application reference number or by clicking on the ‘advanced’ tab and searching by address or parish.

Residents are expected and welcome to attend all the parish council and committee meetings and a short time is set aside for public questions and comments at the beginning of the meeting.  A copy of the notice for public attendees is available here: Management of meetings public info

Established as a statutory body in 1993 the Council has a range of powers which it can use for the benefit of the local community.  The Localism Act 2011 introduced the General Power of Competence for eligible bodies and in May 2015 the parish council agreed to adopt this power which provides greater scope for action.  A sample list of the powers available to parish and town councils is available under the ‘Parish Council Powers’ tab.

The Parish Council is mainly funded by residents living within the parish via the ‘precept’ which residents pay as part of council tax.  The average amount paid by the council tax payer towards Barnt Green’s precept  is £62.58. More information about the parish council’s finances, such as the Annual Return, current budget and the asset register is filed under the ‘Finance’ tab.

The Parish Council has one paid member of staff – The Executive Officer, the Proper Officer and Responsible Finance Officer of Barnt Green Parish Council.

Other documentation relating to the parish council’s governance regime can be found under the ‘Policies and Governance’ tab.  Documents include procedural guidance such as Standing Orders and Financial Regulations, the council’s policy for making grants and a policy on what to do if you have a complaint against the parish council.

The Parish Council is required to comply with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and has therefore produced a Publication Scheme, filed under the ‘Governance’ tab.  If you are searching for a specific piece of information but cannot find it on this website, please contact the parish council office for advice.