Rail works, 22nd – 24th April

Network Rail has been in touch to tell us about the next stage of the electrification project:

We’re about to commence some significant electrification installation work in the area between the railway station and northwards beyond the Bittell Road rail bridge, to put in place the electrification arrangements to tie-in the new electrification to the existing, and to run it back towards the Redditch Branch platforms.

This will involve foundation piling and augering along the railway parallel to Fiery Hill Road and the opposite side. A ‘movax’ vibration piling machine (see photo) will be used, which although makes some noise, is quieter than percussive hammering of the piles. The work will take place between 2300 on Saturday 22nd April and early morning on Monday 24th. Our contractor ABC Electrification will try to minimise noise by doing the installation furthest away from housing first, and vibration piling at night. They will continue in daytime hours on Sunday 23rd April to final-hammer in the piles, which will be noisy, but confined to daylight.

Network Rail have also provided a more detailed timetable for the extent of the work: BAG2 51m 880y to 55m 1562y Improvement Works Barnt Green Hewell Lane …