Your help needed to release funds for local use

Since 2011, under the terms of a Government initiative called the New Homes Bonus Scheme, Bromsgrove District Council (BDC) receives money every time a new home is registered for council tax. You help is needed to make sure that this money is used locally.This ‘bonus’ is not a one-off payment, it is paid each year for 6 years. To illustrate the sums of money involved, Hagley Residents’ Action Group estimate that, in 2013/14, the District Council will receive approximately £688,000.

The Housing Minister stated that the intention of the Scheme was for communities affected by additional new housing to be consulted on where the money should be spent and for that money to be passed to those communities (ideally via parish councils ). However, Bromsgrove District Council has decided not to consult its local communities and has put all the money arising from the Scheme into a central District Council pot.

Your Parish Council believes that this is unfair and is encouraging residents to sign an e-petition launched by Hagley Residents’ Action Group.

The purpose of the petition is to demonstrate the strength of public opposition to the District Council’s decision. 1,250 signatures are required to trigger a debate at a full meeting of the District Council.

With major house building occurring across the district, not only in Barnt Green, but in areas such as Catshill, Hagley, Norton Farm and Wythall, a change in policy would release thousands of pounds for use within the parishes where developments such as that to be built on Fiery Hill Road have been approved.

Please take a moment to sign the e-petition at